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Content How Alcohol Contributes To Weight Gain FAQs about Alcohol Consumption and Weight Gain Can You Drink Alcohol and Still Lose Weight? Weight Loss Dry Vermouth (105 Calories per 3 oz Serving) Does alcohol make you gain weight? Dr. Mike’s work can often be found on newsstands, leading fitness websites, and at your local bookstore. He is the author of Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan and the upcoming 6 Pillars of Nutrition. When you drink, a significant portion of the alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream, and then it is distributed through most tissues in your body. Weight gain is just one of the many health considerations to keep in mind when it comes to alcohol use. Alcohol is “kind of a stressor for your body, so it can cause your body to lose proper cortisol secretion,” Lashinger says. “And cortisol is responsible for a lot of our…

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